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Our Approach

DICORP Equity Partners was founded to partner with and acquire small and mid-sized software businesses, providing resources and expertise to accelerate growth, enhance operating performance, and win! DICORP Equity Partners is focused on partnering with highly motivated entrepreneurs who have built amazing software products and have a loyal customer base, but desire capital or additional expertise to enhance growth and profitability, while eliminating cash burn and risk. Our approach is to leverage the DICORP Equity Partners team and our expertise to support growth, increase margins (profitability), and create tremendous value.

DICORP Equity Partners is looking to partner with and acquire specialty software businesses that have loyal customer bases, great employees (5-30), and maintain consistent recurring revenue streams.  We can help provide liquidity, assume financial risks, and help take your business to the next level.  Download an overview of DICORP Equity Partners by clicking here.

Business owners often are forced to work way too hard to overcome business and growth obstacles like:

  • Limited accounting or legal staff as well as outgrown business systems

  • Difficulty in finding experienced employees or managing employee turnover

  • Overcoming industry or technical changes from a solution development perspective

  • Gaining access to new technology

  • Defending against new competition or threats

  • Adding the sales resources or the marketing costs that are needed to aggressively attack the marketplace

  • Insufficient capital or credit arrangements for funding or financial support

Most of these obstacles leave business owners overly leveraged and with little free time.  Therefore, DICORP Equity Partners is desirous of partnering with business owners that are dedicated to the markets they serve and wish to maintain, protect, or enhance their personal or professional legacy.  Partnering with DICORP Equity Partners means that you, your company, and your staff don't have to face these daunting obstacles alone.

Our Mission

The mission of DICORP Equity Partners is to harness the unrealized potential of specialty software companies, pushing them over the edge to become market leaders.  DICORP Equity Partners will invest time, resources, and capital to acquire companies that provide specialty software solutions in their industry.  DICORP, our technology affiliate, is a software development organization with a 30-year track record of success and supports all portfolio companies of DICORP Equity Partners with:

  • Back office support and systems leading-edge software technology and tools

  • Sales and operational resources 

  • Business management and technology expertise

DICORP Equity Partners is focused on helping businesses and business owners with a "boost."  Our team is ready to assist you by providing the resources, technology, or funding  to take your company to the next step in its evolution. 

Our Strategy

  • Focus on founder-owned software companies with recurring revenue in specialty markets in the United States that desire to take  the next step

  • Leverage knowledge and experience of DICORP Equity Partners' to improve the operations of portfolio companies, accelerate  growth, and enhance profitability

  • Utilize cash flow from improved operations to add resources (sales, new software, etc.) and accelerate growth

  • Create tremendous value for the founders and owners of the software companies that we acquire

Target Partners

DICORP Equity Partners is focused on partnering with and acquiring companies that have established businesses that (i) support and attract loyal employees and customers, (ii) have recurring maintenance contracts and revenue streams for support and upgrades, and (iii) most importantly, are led by founders and owners that:

  • Have worked hard to create product-specific / niche software

  • Value providing employment for themselves, their friends, and associates

  • Are passionate about their legacy

  • Have experienced impediments to growth as a result of the niche nature of their software, their lack of capital, or other factors

  • Recognize that lack of investment, development, and growth risks falling behind competitors

  • Want to accelerate the growth of their business to create better products for customers and even more opportunities for  employees

  • Value collaboration and partnership

  • Don’t want to sell out to a large company or “vulture” investor

"DICORP Equity Partners is currently accepting applications for its innovative 'Win Now' program.  If you are the founder or owner of a software business that meets the criteria listed above, contact us to learn more, or apply now!"

DICORP Equity Partners

302 Dove Court

Forest Hill, MD 21050

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