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"DICORP Equity Partners has developed a unique 'Win Now' program that provides founders and owners of established software companies with rapid access to capital, expertise, and support to accelerate growth, enhance operating performance, and win!"


Join our “Win Now” program if you are a founder or owner of an established software company and if you desire access to capital to grow your business or a financial partner to assume some of your existing financial commitments/personal guarantees.  Our team of proven engineers, developers, and operating executives can augment the development of your product, accelerate your sales cycle, and reduce your administrative burden so you can focus more of your time and energy on your business.  

Download an overview of DICORP Equity Partners by clicking here.

what you receive

What You Receive

  • Cash at close to fund growth, repay debt, or to provide you with a return on your investment in your company 

  • A stable market salary for owner-operators, with enhanced bonus and commission plans supported by us

  • A stream of additional cash payments by us, unlocking the value of your company’s recurring revenue streams for you and your shareholders

  • Assumption by DICORP Equity Partners of ongoing financial responsibility for expenses and payroll

  • Access to our experienced team of engineers, software developers, and operating professionals to augment your team and help you accelerate your growth, improve your profitability and win

"In summary, we partner with you to turn your equity into cash, and assume the risks going forward — allowing you to focus stress-free on growing your products, services, and opportunities for your loyal employees and customers."

Rapid Close Timeline

Click below to access the online application.  You may also download an application document by clicking here for submission via email.  For any issues accessing the application, please contact

Depending on the amount of information you wish to provide, the application can take as little as 30 minutes to complete.  All applicants will receive a timely response from us.



We will intend to acquire a controlling interest in your company at closing or have the right to acquire a controlling interest in the future.


DICORP Equity Partners expressly reserves the right, in its sole and absolute discretion, to evaluate all applications and to reject any or all applications without assigning any reasons. Further, DICORP Equity Partners expressly reserves the right, without giving any reason, therefor, to terminate discussions with any or all parties, to negotiate with any party individually, or simultaneously with other parties, or to change these procedures. DICORP Equity Partners’ interpretation from time to time of the procedures set forth herein shall be final and binding on all parties.

An application will be deemed accepted only when a definitive agreement has been authorized, executed, and delivered by all parties thereto. Until a definitive agreement has been authorized, executed, and delivered by all parties thereto, DICORP Equity Partners shall not have any obligation to any applicant and following delivery of a definitive agreement, the only obligations of the parties thereto will be those set forth in such definitive agreement.

You will bear all costs of your application and all activities related to the preparation of a definitive agreement, including the fees and expenses of your own legal counsel, agents, and advisors.

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